BuG: BuG I, A 58
Leipzig Apr./Juli 1766

An Cornelia Goethe 12. 10. 1766 (WA IV 1, 73)

Leipzig Apr./Juli 1766

I did see her [Elisabeth Bethmann], four or five times, and four or five times she was a goose. Set her to Paris and she shall be also one. ‘Twas a playworth thing, to see her in the concert. Ha! That Piarots figure, besieg’d by Arlequins, and Pappillons. A very foolish scene, I would not barter, for the most comic Play. I did laugh. My lungs crow thik like a chanticlear. The concert finish’d Madame [Bethmann] and Miss, were walking in Apels Garden; I meated them. A profond compliment of my side, and a nod of theirs. ‘Twas all. The magnificance of her Attendance, consisting in Counts, Barons Nobles and Doctors, did turn the head to theese womens, not aquainted with that splendor. But Mad B. was very civil, when I was coming to see her once.


BuG I, BuG01_A_0058 (Ernst Grumach/Renate Grumach), in: https://goethe-biographica.de/id/BuG01_A_0058.

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BuG I, S. 78 (Ernst Grumach/Renate Grumach).

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