BuG: BuG I, A 57
Leipzig Anf. Mai 1766

An Cornelia Goethe 11. 5. 1766 (WA IV 1, 50)

Leipzig Anf. Mai 1766

My Born and his Tutor and I, when we are assembled we speak nothing then english. I learn much by that conversation ... Many time I become a melancholical one ... Then I go in woods, to streams ... And then a darkness comes down my soul, a darkness as thik as fogs in the October are. Often has Horn the great honnour to follow me, I go Tete a tete, with him in the gardens. A male Tete a tete!


BuG I, BuG01_A_0057 (Ernst Grumach/Renate Grumach), in: https://goethe-biographica.de/id/BuG01_A_0057.

Entspricht Druck:
BuG I, S. 78 (Ernst Grumach/Renate Grumach).

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